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  • Introduction of Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen GENSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management certification. Headquartered in Xiamen, a beautiful port city in China, it is one of the most comprehensive manufacturers of sunglasses in China and one of the largest eyewear manufacturers. The main business is to provide custom eyewear services for global fashion brands, including high quality custom sunglasses, custom made eyeglass frames and other services.

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  • Production and selection of acetate glasses

    When you browse product information on Google or major commercial shopping platforms, you may feel clueless about the numerous acetate frames. What is the best material? How to choose a frame manufacturer with excellent quality acetate frame and excellent craftsmanship? Let's start with the history of acetate.

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  • Sunglasses maintenance common sense

    Sunglasses are the most important product for eye protection in daily life, but many people do not understand how to prolong the life of sunglasses. The following content comes from our 30 years of experience in the production of glasses, I hope to help you!

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  • You need to wear sunglasses in winter

    In summer, green environments reflect about 6% of UV rays; in winter, snow reflects up to 96%! If you have a normal pair of sunglasses, it will almost block more than 90% of UV rays from entering your eyes. If your sunglasses lenses are polarized, then it blocks 99.99% of UV rays!

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  • How do we solve production problems encountered in the production process?

    Various problems will arise during the production of the product, and we must strictly abide by the agreed delivery time. So how do we resolve production issues quickly and deliver on time?

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  • The difference between ordinary lenses and polarized lenses

    When we buy glasses, sellers tell us what polarized lenses are. So what is the difference between polarized lenses and non-polarized lenses? How to identify whether to buy polarized lenses?

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