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How do we solve production problems encountered in the production process?

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In the design and production process of eyewear products, there are often design changes, process changes, process adjustments, unplanned line stoppages, production changes, and line transfer activities. So how does our factory (Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd.) ensure that these activities will not have an impact on subsequent production quality?

This requires us to perform first article inspection during the job readiness verification and post-discontinuation verification stages.


First Piece: That is, the first piece or first few pieces processed by the line at the beginning of each shift/line production input or after a process change. For mass production, "first article" often refers to a certain number of samples.

Definition of First Piece Inspection: The inspection of the first or first few products processed on a production line at the beginning of each shift or after a process change. The number of inspections can be formulated according to the requirements of different enterprises or customers.

Generally speaking, at least 3-5 products in continuous production need to be inspected, and the subsequent products can be processed only after passing the test. First article inspection is strictly performed before any changes in equipment or manufacturing processes and before the start of machining on each work shift.

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The purpose of the first article inspection is: the first article inspection in the production process is mainly to prevent batch out of tolerance, repair, and scrapping of products. It is a means of pre-controlling the production process of products and an important method of product process quality control. , is an effective and indispensable method for enterprises to ensure product quality and improve economic benefits.

The first article inspection is to find out the factors affecting product quality in the production process as soon as possible, and prevent batch defects or scrapping. Only after the first piece has passed the inspection can it enter the formal production, mainly to prevent the occurrence of unqualified products in batches.

Long-term practical experience has proved that the first inspection system is an effective measure to detect problems as early as possible and prevent products from being scrapped in batches.

Through the first article inspection, it can be found that there are systematic reasons such as severe wear of fixtures or installation and positioning errors, poor accuracy of measuring instruments, misreading of drawings, material feeding or recipe errors, etc., so that corrective or improvement measures can be taken to prevent batch inaccuracies. Qualified products occur.


Timing/Occasion for First Article Inspection:

1. Start of each work shift

2. Change the operator

3. Replacement or adjustment of equipment, process equipment (including tool change or sharpening)

4. Change technical conditions, process methods and process parameters (such as changes in roughness requirements, changes from reaming of inner holes to boring holes, changes in the amount of cutting or speed in the NC program)

5. After adopting new material or material substitution (such as material change during processing, etc.)

6. Replace or re-assay the bath solution (such as phosphating, nitriding, etc.)

The first article inspection adopts a three-inspection system: self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.

1. Self-inspection: The products submitted for inspection must first be "self-inspected" by the operator, then "mutually inspected" by the team leader or colleagues, and finally "specially inspected" by the inspector, and the subsequent products can be processed only after they are qualified. .

2. Mutual inspection: Whether the first product is qualified after inspection should finally be approved by full-time inspectors. The inspector should mark the first product that has passed the inspection with the specified mark, and keep it until the class or batch of products is processed ( All first-piece products must be kept as samples for comparison with subsequent products to see if the process has changed, and mark "√" with a marker to indicate that they have passed the first-piece inspection).

3. Special inspection: If the first piece fails to pass the inspection, it is necessary to find out the reasons and take measures. After troubleshooting, re-processing and three inspections are carried out, and the first piece cannot be designated until it is qualified.

The main items of the first article inspection:

1. Whether the drawing number matches the work order

2. Whether the material, blank or semi-finished product is consistent with the work order

3. Whether the surface treatment and installation positioning of materials and blanks are consistent with each other

4. Whether the formula ingredients meet the specified requirements

5. Whether the actual quality characteristics of the first product after processing meet the requirements specified in the drawings or technical documents


First article inspection specification process:

1. Subject content and scope of application

This document specifies the requirements and working procedures for the company's first-article inspection and batch-first-article inspection of new products in the production process; this regulation applies to the company's control of new-product first-article inspection and batch first-article inspection during the production process.

2. Responsibilities.

The production department is responsible for organizing and arranging the first-piece inspection.

If the product is produced without the first inspection of the new product, the first batch of the batch, or the first inspection fails, the person directly responsible shall be responsible for the quality accident caused by unauthorized production.

The inspector and the person in charge of the production line are responsible for the correctness of the first article inspection.

If the confirmation of the first piece is not completed, the inspector begins to issue the quality certificate, and the responsibility for the quality accident is the responsibility of the inspector.

3. Control requirements

The first completed semi-finished products and finished products produced by the production department for the first continuous production must undergo first-piece inspection and confirmation.

For regular production products, first-article inspection is required on a batch-by-batch basis.

If the machine is shut down due to equipment, process, etc., the first article inspection and confirmation shall be carried out when the machine is shut down and restarted.

The first article inspection and confirmation shall be carried out when the product materials and specifications are changed and put into production.


When the new product is inspected for the first time, the production unit shall be responsible for notifying the inspection personnel, according to the current valid drawings, lists (or samples provided by customers), and process documents. Sign, and hang the card on the first product to mark the first product; if the first product fails the inspection, it should be returned immediately, the first product should be redone, and records should be made. Products that have not passed the first inspection shall not be accepted for acceptance.

The first piece is a mass-produced sample, and the production department is responsible for keeping it until the end of the full-batch production before it can be delivered.

In the first article inspection, all raw and auxiliary materials used in the production process of the product should be checked, and must comply with the regulations.

4. Working procedure

In the production process of the first piece, the person in charge of the production line and the inspector should go to the production site to supervise and inspect the actual producer to complete the first piece according to the production process flow and the current valid production process documents, and supervise and inspect each production process. Problems are corrected and resolved in a timely manner.

All production processes must be completed for the first production of conventional production products and products that have been stopped and restarted. After the manufacturer has passed the inspection, they will sign on the first piece and then hand it over to the inspectors for first piece inspection. When the first piece is inspected, the inspector shall inspect the first product together with the person in charge of the production line according to the current valid drawings, lists (or samples provided by customers), process documents, and product requirements. The first piece is qualified", etc.), and the first piece card will be countersigned by the producer (or representative) and inspector. For the first piece of inspection that needs to be done due to major changes in the product, it can be approved by the relevant personnel and the inspection; if the first piece of inspection fails, it will be returned immediately and the first piece will be redone.

The first batch production of new products and semi-finished products and finished products generated after the materials and specifications are changed need to be inspected and confirmed for the first time.

When the first article is inspected, the first article record shall be made in time, and the first article confirmation letter shall be filled out.

When quality problems are found in the first piece of production, they should be reported and dealt with in a timely manner, and unqualified items should be reconfirmed. Production can be organized only after the first piece that has passed the inspection, the result is recorded on the first piece card, and the quality is approved by the inspector.


Only after the first piece is confirmed, the inspector can start the normal delivery inspection work.

The above is the management method and testing mechanism of production inspection in our factory (Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd.). We promise never to send low-quality products to our partners, become the first checkpoint of our partners' quality inspection products, and supply a large number of high-quality products for our partners!