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How to choose sunglasses

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Sunglasses can be used both as a personal accessory and to protect your eyes when the sun is out. So, how to choose sunglasses?

How to choose the shade of sunglasses lens?

Sunglasses that are too light in color have poor filtering effect, and those that are too dark will affect vision. Here is a trick, everyone wears sunglasses and looks in the mirror when choosing, and you can vaguely see the pupils, indicating that the color is moderate.

Relatively speaking, brown and gray lens colors are the best choices, they can block part of the ultraviolet and infrared rays; and the soft tones make the vision comfortable and make the eyes not easy to fatigue; it will not affect the recognition of colors such as red and green , which is especially important for drivers, and will not affect the discrimination of traffic signals such as traffic lights.

In addition, it should be noted that if you wear low-quality sunglasses with a dark color, which blocks the exposure of strong light, the pupil of the human eye will be enlarged, but because the low-quality sunglasses have no UV protection function, more ultraviolet rays will enter the eye. , causing damage to the cornea and lens.

How to roughly judge the quality of sunglasses lenses?

When choosing, pay attention to observe the surface of the sunglasses. The surface of a good lens should be clear and flawless, without bubbles and ripples; then look at the removed sunglasses against the lamp, the reflection of the lamp on the surface of the lens should be uniform and smooth, and the color of the lens should be uniform. Can not be biased, wear it to observe the color of the surrounding environment without distortion.

After that, put the glasses at a distance of about 15-20cm in front of the eyes, observe the wall cracks or window frames, or other straight objects through the lenses, move the glasses, and let the eyes observe whether the straight lines are bent or fluctuated from different positions of the lenses. If there is any change, it indicates that the lens may have residual power, which is easy to get dizzy after wearing it for a long time!

Myopia can be equipped with prescription sunglasses

With the development of science and technology, it has been possible to customize myopia sunglasses according to the needs of myopic consumers, including frames, lenses, styles, colors, materials, etc.


But this kind of product is relatively expensive due to demand and technical difficulty. It is also a good choice for friends who are financially allowed and want to pursue beauty.