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Introduction of Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Ⅰ- Enterprise History

Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management certification. Headquartered in Xiamen, a beautiful port city in China, it is one of the most comprehensive manufacturers of sunglasses in China and one of the largest eyewear manufacturers. The main business is to provide custom eyewear services for global fashion brands, including high quality custom sunglasses, custom made eyeglass frames and other services.

Its brand "Prosun Polarized Sunglasses" is in the authoritative "China Optical Technology Magazine" brand list, comprehensive fashion index, functionality, marketing, consumer awareness, cost-effective and other aspects, from 1994 to the present Prosun has won continuous awards. The honor of the first brand.

With its first-class R&D and design team, advanced production equipment and professional technical talents, GENSUN not only promotes its own brand "PROSUN" to "China Famous Brand", but also wins praise for many domestic and foreign well-known brands. The glasses produced by GENSUN have passed the IS09001 international quality management certification from research and development, design to production.

In 2020, Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of Xiamen Sunperia E-Commerce Co., Ltd., officially deploying Internet business, and providing high-quality services to more brands around the world.

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In 2021, Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. will merge with Xiamen Sunperia E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Sunperia E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Victor Lin, the former chairman of Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd., is the chairman of Xiamen Sunperia E-Commerce Co., Ltd., and Dean Wu is the general manager. 

Ⅱ- Company advantage

1. The company has advanced production equipment and technical personnel

GENSUN has introduced advanced production equipment. At the same time, adhering to the product concept of "fashion technology", GENSUN pursues more refined eyewear products. 

GENSUN has hired professionals for a long time to continuously collect the latest fashion information at home and abroad, keenly capture fashion inspiration, and push the vision of science and technology to a higher level. The realm of perfection. Committed to becoming the best eyewear manufacturers in china.

2. Professional product technology

We have been focusing on polarized lens technology for 40 years and are the most professional eyeglass lens manufacturers. We take science and technology as the soul and quality as the foundation, perfectly integrate advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, and present the brand purpose of international quality.

3. Excellent product design

GENSUN pays great attention to product design. The company has dozens of senior designers, who make custom designs for different brands. GENSUN regularly launches new products every month, keeping up with the trend, and new products are loved and customized from different brands. Therefore, we are better at becoming the brand's oem glasses suppliers, providing you with higher quality personalized sunglasses oem and odm sunglasses and other services.

4. Unique patented technology

12 new product forms developed by GENSUN, including "Double Curvature Lenses", "Elastic Linked Temples", "Elastic Hollow Temples", "Elastic Nose Pads", and "Glasses Double Teeth Hinges", have obtained national patent certification. . It improves the product drawbacks that appeared in the manufacture of sunglasses in the past, thereby improving the functionality and comfort of the product. In order to let more people experience our excellent technology, we provide global sunglasses factory outlet for all brands.

Ⅲ- Company products

The company's products include advanced sunglasses, top optical frames, children's glasses, advanced sports glasses, fishing glasses, reading glasses, etc. The materials used are high-grade metal frame, high-grade plate frame and various high-grade lenses. The world-renowned American Polaroid Company also granted GENSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. the exclusive right to use "Polaroid Original Polarized Lenses" in mainland China.

Ⅳ- Company Glory

1. In 1996, Xiamen Gensun products became the exclusive products for the Chinese North and South Pole Expedition Team.

2. The only designated special sunglasses for the 8th Songhua River International Ice and Snow Automobile Challenge and the 3rd Sino-Russian Automobile Competition.

3. The only designated special sunglasses for the Sino-Russian Police Auto Skills Championship.

4. In 2009, GENSUN's brand "PROSUN" was awarded "Xiamen Famous Trademark".

5. In 2011, GENSUN's brand "PROSUN" won the "China Famous Trademark".

Ⅴ- Company Brand——PROSUN

In 1994, Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. launched its own brand PROSUN polarized sunglasses. Once the product was launched, it was sought after by dealers and consumers, and quickly became a leader in the Chinese sunglasses market. "PROSUN Polarized Sunglasses" has been ranked No. 1 in the authoritative "China Optical Technology Magazine" brand rankings in terms of comprehensive fashion index, functionality, marketing, consumer awareness, and cost-effectiveness. Brand honor.

In 2011, Xiamen Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. optimized the enterprise structure and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. Sold the PROSUN brand to Xiamen Yarui Optical Co., Ltd. for $15 million.

Ⅵ - Produce the most comfortable sunglasses for eye protection

Now, more and more people like outdoor activities. However, enjoying the sun at the same time is vulnerable to the threat of ultraviolet rays, which can cause damage to the eyes. Eye protection is a matter of urgency! Chairman Victor Lin once said, "My greatest wish is to produce the most comfortable sunglasses for eye protection." This is also his tireless pursuit of his lifelong career.

As the first eyewear manufacturer to introduce polarized sunglasses technology in mainland China, Chairman Victor Lin felt that he could not just follow foreign technology, but must have his own specialties. He hoped that sunglasses manufacturers should take a professional route according to their own advantages, enhance design and development, and reduce plagiarism. Only in this way can we become the best eyeglass manufacturers in china and create more outstanding international brands!


With the increase in demand in recent years and the development of science and technology, the market potential of sunglasses is endless and the challenges are endless. Under the leadership of Chairman Victor Lin, Gensun Industrial Co., Ltd. continues to surpass and conquer technical difficulties in the trend of the times. Will be able to make Gensun and Sunperia bigger and stronger.