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Men's Sunglasses Trends 2022

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With the weather getting warmer and the sun getting more and more dazzling, it's time for men to worry about their looks again. A pair of sunglasses can not only effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, but also become an important bright spot to improve the appearance.


If you're like most people and already have a pair of hiker-style sunglasses at home, it's time to try something new and bold this year. We have summarized the trend of the most popular men's sunglasses in 2022 for you.

We have summarized the most popular men's sunglasses trends in 2022 for you, and the new recommended styles of sunglasses according to the orders from our sunglasses factory. I believe there will be one that will become the most eye-catching presence in your outfit this year.

The recommended styles of women sunglasses will be updated in future articles, please continue to pay attention to our webpage and account.


1. Metal Sunglasses


Most of the orders received by our eyewear factory are still metal eyewear, so metal sunglasses will still be the main trend this year.

Metal frames have become as versatile and popular as acetate frames, which are not only adaptable but also enhance the overall look. Especially the gold and silver metal frame, with a steampunk feel.


Clip-on sunglasses

One of the most surprising trends this year is the return of clip-on sunglasses. We also received many orders for clip-on sunglasses, many brands are looking for excellent sunglasses manufacturer for ODM or OEM sunglasses.

They quickly became popular when they first came out and range from vintage to modern. Men generally prefer the slim lines and lightness of metal frames over acetate frames.


Imagine how amazing it can be to own a pair of high-quality clip-on sunglasses, you'll have both myopia and sunglasses at the same time. Such a special product is very suitable for taking cool photos and putting them on social media, I believe you will have more followers.

Plus, this year's clip-on sunglasses all have their own unique style, and I'm sure you'll see someone wearing them on the street soon. Because it is not only a must-have for retro-style dresses, but also suitable for both dark and bright environments, without affecting personal status at all.


These clip-on sunglasses from the brand Firm have more impact than others, these clip-on sunglasses express a more forthright character. The style is a bit similar to the aviator model, but it still has an ultra-thin frame, making it look like an elite working on Wall Street.

The frame is equally wide, which is ideal for round faces, and the angular lines add definition to the face and make the appearance look more to be brighter.


Another clip-on sunglasses style we recommend is this round frame from Charleston. It's a bit like a round aviator shape, as eye-catching as a popular dance move from the 1920s. And this one can not only bring you a change of style, remove the sun lenses on the surface, it can also be the best choice for matching clothes as a pair of myopia glasses.


This Charleston frame is made of metal and combines retro round lenses with a smooth clip. As the brand's main slogan is: "Charleston is fashion that money can buy." Charleston's sunglasses tend to be more accessible and stylish, and the design of the parallel bars is definitely worth trying.


These glasses are actually very suitable for men who are medium or slightly fat, and they are suitable for any face shape, especially square faces with prominent cheekbones and a very angular forehead and jawline.

2. Round Vintage Sunglasses


As already mentioned above, round retro glasses are one of the most suitable items for retro style. Based on our orders, it will be back in fashion this spring. With a homage to the 1970s, combined with the smaller frames of the 1990s.



These two metal frame round sunglasses are very personal and continue the retro style of the 1920s. The design features faux leather and simple lines reminiscent of John Lennon.


These styles are perfect for men with a medium-to-narrow, angular face, and the round frames tend to make you stand out from the crowd and have a bad-boy vibe.


No Lita is a more casual round sunglasses named after the Little Italy area of Manhattan in New York City. One of the must-haves for bad boy looks, it's more suitable for triangular and rectangular face shapes, and it's easier to remove than traditional John Lennon-style sunglasses. The secret is that the No Lita has a wider frame, whereas traditional John Rey-style sunglasses tend to have extremely thin frames and smaller frames.

The No Lita uses a thicker acetate frame and adds trim at the top corner where the frame arms meet the front to unlock the stylish keyhole.


3.D Frame Square Sunglasses


As the favorite of the "macho" people - D-frame square sunglasses are about to make a comeback this spring and summer. Due to its futuristic and masculine character, this style is gaining popularity among more and more men.


The biggest feature of D-frame square sunglasses is the sharp edges and corners, and has an oversized frame, which often surprises gentlemen who like round-frame glasses.


4. Oversized aviator sunglasses


Aviator sunglasses never go out of style because they stay in the fashion world all the time. In fact, aviator sunglasses are great as a simple accessory because they are both sporty and classic, and over time, oversized aviator glasses will be very popular this year. And according to our custom sunglasses orders, we still receive a large number of aviator sunglasses every year, which also shows its popularity.


If you're not ready to upgrade to the largest-frame aviator sunglasses in one fell swoop, try these sunglasses from Swag. These glasses combine classic aviator style with a larger frame for a more masculine, tough look. While it still retains the classic teardrop shape, it is slightly larger than traditional aviator-style sunglasses, paying homage to tradition while giving the sunglasses an updated vibrancy.


Plus, Swag's men's sunglasses always have a very relaxed vibe. At the same time, the design and metal decoration of the parallel bars bridge has a touch of sophistication, and is influenced by hip-hop culture and street wear. Beloved by the wealthy and celebrities, these unique, oversized aviator-style sunglasses are ideal for those on the cutting edge of fashion.


5. Heavy eyebrow frame glasses


Data from Chinese sunglasses manufacturers shows that heavy-brow sunglasses have achieved a very good growth rate this year. Including our sunglasses factory, this year's order volume has grown tremendously compared to previous years. Sunglasses with heavy brow frames are another big trend for men this year, and you'll find that wearing these types of glasses tends to make people feel neater and thicker.


Bowery's sunglasses will be very thick, which is also a major feature of the brand. And this retro-inspired half-frame style with square lenses and a thicker brow frame looks like a squared-off version of the Club Master. But these sunglasses are bolder than the traditional Club Master's frame, as the retro feel seems to be clearly visible, and it also brings a fresh twist to the classic look. And now that Club Master is all over the street, these glasses will make you look even more unique.

The flat top and square shape of the Bowery Sunglasses give it a more contemporary feel and a sleeker look than the 1980s or 90s, perfect for triangular faces with a sharp jawline.


The above is the conclusion we have drawn according to the order data of our own eyewear factory and online eyeglass companies. I hope it will be helpful for your selection work this year and your search for sunglasses suppliers. 

Next, we will update the fashion trends of women's sunglasses and optical frames, please continue to pay attention to our website or account!

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