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Sunglasses maintenance common sense

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Sunglasses are the most important product for eye protection in daily life, but many people do not understand how to prolong the life of sunglasses. The following content comes from our 30 years of experience in the production of glasses, I hope to help you!

1. When wearing and taking off the glasses, please grasp the temple feet with both hands and take them off facing outwards. If you wear and remove the glasses with one hand, it is easy to cause deformation and loosening.


2. When you do not need glasses, you can wrap them with a lens cloth and put them in the glasses case. Keep the lens facing up and put it in a special bag to prevent the lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects.


3. If the frame or lens is contaminated with dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc., please clean it with neutral detergent and warm water, and then dry it with a soft cloth.


4. It is forbidden to soak in water for a long time and place it in a fixed place to be exposed to the sun; it is forbidden to place it on the side of electric current and metal for a long time.


5. If your glasses frame is distorted and sagging. Continuing to use them will cause the lens clarity to be affected. Please go to the sales store for free adjustment.


6. Acetate sunglasses may be slightly deformed after using for a period of time, which is a normal phenomenon. You can go to the store with the frame for adjustment.


7. Please do not leave the photochromic sunglasses in the place of direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise the use time of the photochromic effect will be shortened. At the same time, even if the photochromic discoloration gradually fails due to long-term wearing, it will not change the polarizing effect of the glasses, please rest assured to use.



1. It is not correct to put sunglasses on the dashboard when driving. Sunglasses can be deformed by heat if they are left on the dashboard in a car in hot weather, especially those with acetate frames, which are almost not resistant to heat.


2. The sunglass frame is incorrect on the top of the head, so it is easy to pull the hook. The glasses should be carefully removed when not being worn, and the glasses should be folded and the mirror side should be facing up when placing them.


3. In order to save time, many people put the glasses into the bag or pocket instead of the glasses case, so that the sunglasses lenses are easily scratched by the edges and corners of keys or combs, which should not be taken lightly.


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