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The difference between ordinary lenses and polarized lenses

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Glasses with UV protection are usually divided into two types: sunglasses and polarized sunglasses.

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Sunglasses are tinted glasses that we are usually familiar with to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. In our daily life, in addition to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, when light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces, etc., irregular diffuse reflection light is generated, commonly known as "glare". The appearance of glare will make people's eyes feel fatigued and affect the clarity of vision. Polarizers are sunglasses that can effectively filter out glare.

The polarized lens can make the light enter the visual image of the eye on the light transmission axis of the right track, so that the vision is clear and natural. Just like the principle of venetian blinds, the light is adjusted into the same direction light and enters the room, which naturally makes the scene look soft and not dazzling.

There are many ways to identify polarizers.


The first: stack two polarized lenses vertically, the lenses will appear opaque. The reason is that the special design of the polarized lens lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, and most of the light is blocked when the two lenses are stacked vertically. When you buy, as long as such a simple operation, you can immediately know the authenticity of the product and whether it is good or bad.


The second method: At the same time, there is generally a discriminating plate (test piece) for identifying polarizers. There are no black stripes to the naked eye, but with a polarizer, you can see the black stripes that you do not see with the naked eye! And ordinary sunglasses do not have it!

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