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You need to wear sunglasses in winter

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The main function of sunglasses is to block ultraviolet rays. However, the ultraviolet rays in winter are more poisonous than you think, and they are far more lethal than summer! In addition, there is more snow on the road in winter, and the reflection of snow on ultraviolet rays is close to 96%. The strong ultraviolet rays combined with the reflected light will make your eyes more easily fatigued, and it will cause snow blindness in severe cases.

Every winter, someone will suffer from dry eye syndrome. This includes eye pain, tearing, dryness, redness, and more. This has a lot to do with people ignoring UV damage, so we need to wear sunglasses in winter.

Most of the handsome men and fashionable women in life think that sunglasses only need to be worn in summer. In winter, when the ultraviolet rays are weak, or there is no clothes to match, wearing sunglasses in winter is not the best choice. Many people think that wearing sunglasses is only necessary in summer, this concept is wrong!

Wearing sunglasses in winter is not only a fashion item for daily collocation, but more importantly, it can protect your eyes!

Next, let me tell you why you need sunglasses more in winter!

1. Prevent cold wind from irritating eyes

The cold wind in winter sometimes blows continuously for 3-4 months! When the eyes are stimulated by cold wind for a long time, the water will evaporate and accelerate, and it will feel dry and secrete a lot of tears. Dry eyes for a long time can cause great damage to the eyes and are more prone to eye diseases!

2. Block UV rays and strong light

The ultraviolet rays in winter are more poisonous than you think, and they are far more lethal than summer! Moreover, there is a lot of snow on the road in winter. For snow, the reflection is close to 96%. The strong ultraviolet rays + reflected light will make the eyes more prone to fatigue, and serious snow blindness will occur.

3. Protect the eyes from external force

In winter, it is generally easy to blow with strong winds, because heavy snow or sand rolled up by the wind speed is more likely to hurt the eyes or around the eyes, which will cause direct damage to the eyes, or be infected with eye diseases. If you wear sunglasses, then you can better protect your glasses from sand and rocks blowing into your eyes.

4. Fashionable and easy to match

"Sunglasses can make us feel like we are big stars!" No matter if you are retro, classical, luxurious..., they can always brighten your overall look. The most important thing is that for winter comforters, it is too late to get up and put on makeup, and do not want to think about matching clothes. All you need is one pair of sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses will let more people see your stylish sunglasses than others!


In winter, sunglasses are an essential part of travel gear. Not only because sunglasses look stylish, but also because they protect the eyes from harsh light. Everyone knows that UV rays can damage our skin and eyes. But many people don't realize that UV rays are more dangerous in winter than in summer.

In summer, green environments reflect about 6% of UV rays; in winter, snow reflects up to 96%! If you have a normal pair of sunglasses, it will almost block more than 90% of UV rays from entering your eyes. If your sunglasses lenses are polarized, then it blocks 99.99% of UV rays!

Sunglasses equipped with high-quality lenses can better provide effective protection for the eyes, preventing eye inflammation or more serious injuries. This is because of the high ultraviolet energy in sunlight, which can cause retinal damage. Everything is telling us that we all need sunglasses, in addition to making us look more fashionable, it will also help us protect our eyes and make them always bright and charming!